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I was born in Great Falls, Montana on May 12, 1948. In 1978 or so I received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Portland State University, and briefly was involved in graduate study. In 2001 I completed another bachelor's at the same institution in physics. I developed an interest in Russian along the way, adequate for reading material on the Web, and am currently a member of two high-IQ organizations. The affairs of those organizations are often turbulent.

This Web site was originally produced using an HTML editor and an FTP client. I am not really an expert at Web publishing, and am therefore interested in assisting others who encounter the same initial difficulties that I encountered. Material intended to be helpful for this purpose appears elsewhere on this site.

Most of the content on this page is now several years old. As I edit it in January 2010, I am composing the changes directly on Tripod's site. This is a convenient way to make such modifications, although it may be a good idea to have a saved backup of the page if one is afraid of making changes with unintended consequences.

The picture at the upper left is of my daughter. It was scanned from a photo, although the more recent pictures I have taken have involved the use of a digital camera. In most cases, a digital camera costing $100 should be adequate for photos displayed on the Web.

Group Photo

This is a group of various friends and relatives, taken on Easter in 2001. I'm not sure I could identify everyone in this photo by name, but all of them seemed to be having a good time. Some of them do not live in the local area.