The bird sitting on the computer

Cockatiels are beautiful birds, as you see here. They are similar in appearance to some other parrots, and are native to Australia. About 5 million of these birds are kept as pets in the United States.

This bird has more yellow coloration than the lower picture would suggest. That picture was taken at close range, and the relative absence of yellow is probably due to the intensity of the light. The bird was not frightened by the flash, and is usually quite calm. It never ignores loud or strange noises, however.

A closer look

The bird sometimes perches on the computer for an hour or more at a time, as you can see. This leaves some residue on the computer, which can be removed with Poop-Off.

The diagonal red line at the upper right of this photo is the label on a Zip disk. Presently, I have a parallel-port Zip drive on top of the computer, partly because that's where I keep the mouse. The bird destroyed two of these devices by chewing through the cords, close to where the cords enter the body of the mouse. That was a while ago, however, and the latest mouse to be installed has lasted for some time. By sitting it on top of the Zip drive, at the shortest possible distance from the PS/2 port, it is positioned out of the bird's view, and therefore out of harm's way.